“The tao that can be told
is not the eternal Tao.
The name that can be named
is not the eternal Name.”
– Lao-Tzu / TAO TE CHING


My life is my practice. My art. I have always sought to go deeper. To understand more fully. To be more clear. To improve myself and to evolve. I am endlessly curious. I love learning new things. Meeting new people. Seeing new places. Having new experiences.

I’m an enneagram 7. Enthusiast, optimist, adventurer. Perenially seeking new experiences. I am broadly curious. I have a profound appreciation for beauty. I inflect towards kindness wherever I find it. I enjoy lively conversation about deep topics. I also enjoy solitude.

I possess an active mind. Seemingly capable of absorbing large quantities of information. And sorting, analyzing, and evaluating patterns and trends therein. Finding and making meaning. Seeking order and truth. Asking deep questions and listening within for answers.

As my path unfolds, I aim to follow my heart to understand what is most important. To discern next steps. To be guided in balance. To discover how I can be most helpful to my community. How I can be in alignment & resonance with my highest intelligence.

To me life is a school. The field of infinite possibilty created for the soul to experience free will. To awaken to our true essence and divine purpose. To be in relationship with other souls and to creation itself. To learn the lessons of relevant to our growth and evolution.

As I proceed on my own journey, I hope that I can give back that which has served me best. That I can share the gifts I have to offer. For the highest good possible. I aim to integrate and appreciate all that is given to me. For is not all of life a precious gift worthy of praise?