PS1 construction process: insulation

Icynene insulation installed by Home Energy Partners. They’ve been very supportive and flexible of the pocket shelters project. They don’t normally do such small installs, but they’re interested in the concept and hope to collaborate more on future structures. Thanks Ryan and Tom!

Subfloor is installed on top of the insulated floor, all closed up. Now it’s ready for wall framing. After the walls and roof are framed and sheathed, H.E.P. will do a second spray to insulate the remainder of the building envelope.

More info on Icynene here.

5 thoughts on “PS1 construction process: insulation”

  1. So, the PS1 is going to be portable? What type of electricity service is it going to have, and what are you going to do for cooking, etc?

  2. PS1 will be mobile. Not intended for life on the road, but able to be moved whenever necessary. It will have “extension cord” electrical hookup for lighting and a few receptacles, mostly for music and charging devices. Also, propane heat and two burner cooktop. It’s somewhere between a detached bedroom and a fully functional house. No bathing facilities and just the bear necessities for kitchening.

  3. Well, it looks awesome. I want to come see it on the condition that you come see me in Richmond (or not, but I really want you to come see me in Richmond.) Give me a weekend that you’re free, and I’ll leave on a Friday and come see you. That’s right, I’m crashing Asheville COMPLETELY UNINVITED.

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