location: San Francisco, California
type: Competition Entry, Commercial
date: Summer 2005
size: 11,430sf – Site / 42,500sf – Building Area


This proposal for the development of mixed-use affordable housing on parcel k of the Octavia Boulevard redevelopment area is driven by four primary design imperatives: the creation of open green space as zones of community interaction, providing a strong, well-scaled urban landmark at the intersection of two prominent pedestrian and transit corridors, thoughtful consideration of the resource consumption and efficiency of the project, and the proposal of a progressive, alternative ownership model – a community land trust*.

* A community land trust (CLT) is a democratically controlled membership organization that develops and/or maintains resident-controlled affordable housing to serve low-income members of the community. The organization is comprised of CLT residents as well as members of the surrounding community.


  • 3/4-stories, ground floor commercial, housing above
  • 31 affordable housing units between 1-3 bedrooms, 59 bedrooms total
  • 3.72 F.A.R. (floor-to-area ratio)
  • Covered, open-air exterior stairs, walkways and “bridge” entryways to residential units
  • Rooftop trellis and community gardens
  • Community terrace at elevated courtyard overlooking restaurant, boulevard and public park below
  • Roof-mounted photovoltaic system
  • Secured bicycle parking