3 thoughts on “Fully Insulated”

  1. Someone may have already pointed it out but it looks like the fenders of the trailer are protruding into the space. This area will be cold – depending on where you live. Have you looked at this item. On a positive note- well done.

  2. I have a tiny house. Sort of. It is actually an old travel trailer that I gutted and have been rebuilding from the inside out. I also have those dual axle fenders–and they are not so sturdy and nice as the ones in THIS tiny house! I solved the cold problem by cutting 1/2 inch polystyrene to fit the fenders–in two layers glued together. I then cut 3/4 inch plywood to make tight fitting covers over the blue polyboard insulation. So far. seems to have been a good fix. Naturally, if you are in a colder climate, you can make the insulation as thick as is needed. Your project is particularly inspiring to me, as I want to build an actual tiny house, but lack the money for all new supplies. I like how you have “re-purposed” much of your lumber. Plus, it improves, rather than detracts from, the overall beauty. Good work!

  3. yes, an important detail to think about. i ended up using 2″ of “blue-board” insulation wrapped with 3/4″ maple plywood, then built my benches and storage on top of that. seems to do the trick nicely. thanks for the comments/feedback!

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