So, in my professional life, I’m a little space hungry. Especially horizontal surfaces, I don’t think it’s possible for me to have enough of them. This is a tad bit ironic, when compared to my personal life where my needs are rather modest. So here in the studio, I had a lofted mezzanine office space and a single, albeit large, drafting table for all my designing and officing needs. And it really didn’t cut it. So I’ve been working on building out an extension to the original mezzanine accessible via catwalk. I love catwalks. More broadly speaking, I love aerial space of all sort. The build-out is almost complete and here’s the result, in all of it’s 14 foot long desk AND drafting table to boot glory:

New Office

One thought on “Expansion”

  1. Man, you are making me so jealous a cozy lofted creative space looking down over an expansive space (awesome crafting shop) is the shiznit. Next you’ll adding a fireman’s pole for that smooth decent. Again good work youngblood.

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