cold weather, progress

the weather has turned downright chilly over the past week or two. but progress continues, and i’ve reached a couple more milestones in the construction process. the metal roofing is complete and the space is fully dried-in.

i’m choosing to install the wood siding as a rain screen. basically, instead of mounting the siding boards directly over top of the building paper, there is an air gap between them. this allows the wood siding to breath and dry out more quickly and easily. this method provides a more durable envelope. the wood furring strips that will hold the siding off of the sheathing are installed and i’ll begin installing the siding shortly. i’m pretty excited to see how it turns out. stay tuned.

hand toolswane edgeyellow poplar timberready for sidingready for sidingwindow groupentry porchredwoodporch window frameframe ready for installframe detail

2 thoughts on “cold weather, progress”

  1. Hi,
    It’s more interesting to see; when you made it out of salvaged materials.
    Is it your first one? Are you going to put it on for sale? If you are, what price?
    It would be nice if you could show more close-up in details; like kitchen and bathroom.

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