2 hour bed

i needed a platform for my bed at home, but frankly, don’t have all that much free time right now to build one. so, i set out to build a bed in two hours over the weekend. ka-ching. success. i started building this platform and was sitting back admiring it’s simplicity and, more importantly, it’s ‘done-ness’ right around 2 hours later. [sound of myself patting me on the back…]2 Hour Bed


Torsion Box

Andy and I finished assembling and glueing-up the two torsion box workbench tops that we’re building for a friend‘s workshop.




From Wikipedia:

A torsion box consists of two skins applied to a core material, usually a grid or framework of some kind. The torsion box functions as a beam, but is considerably lighter than a solid beam of the same size without losing much strength. Torsion boxes are used in the construction of airframes, especially wings and vertical stabilizers, in making wooden tables and doors, and for skis and snowboards.

All Glued

Here Beth gives an assist with strength testing and some much needed compression.


The assembled grid-core.

A Boule

“A plain-sawn log which has been reassembled in the original log form, but with spacers between adjacent slabs.”

These two logs are soft maple, from the same tree. Cut and milled locally. It will need to air dry for at least a year before it’s ready to be used.

A Boule

The Shop

This is the birdseye view I get of the woodshop from the office mezzanine. We have five huge south facing windows that brighten up the shop rain or shine. The shop is so amazing in so many ways, it takes me aback sometimes. I’m definitely fortunate to have manifest such an ideal space for making.

The Shop