HJ Master Suite (Unbuilt)

This is one of my favorite small house designs that unfortunately was never realized. It is a freestanding master suite for a couple and their visiting grandkids on their Sonoma, California land. The footprint is very compact in order to minimize impact on the site. It is situated adjacent to the existing swimming pool and so becomes somewhat of the pool house, with a generous covered porch to enjoy a poolside view on hot summer days.

It’s form is thin and tall, with an ascending promenade into, up and through the house that culminates at the roof deck which serves as an aerial perch for watching birds and taking in the stunning Sonoma Valley landscape.

Click here or on the image below to view the 3D sketches.

Birdseye View from the Southwest

Enka Factory Shoot

I went with Rene and a new friend Liz this weekend to shoot at an old paper factory that’s being torn down. Liz is a costume designer and brought some of her antiquish wares to juxtapose with the post-industrial scenery. It never ceases to amaze me how even ugliness can be beautiful… if you look at it right.

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Enka Factory

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Forest Abstracts

I shot this series when I was out hiking and camping at a local spot up on the Blue Ridge Highway called Shining Rock. It’s pretty spectacular and your long hike out is rewarded by your encounter with an enormous white granite outcropping on the face of the mountain.

These images are an experiment in camera movement, low light, color and pattern. Click here or on the image to view the full gallery.

Forest Abstracts

A Boule

“A plain-sawn log which has been reassembled in the original log form, but with spacers between adjacent slabs.”

These two logs are soft maple, from the same tree. Cut and milled locally. It will need to air dry for at least a year before it’s ready to be used.

A Boule

The Shop

This is the birdseye view I get of the woodshop from the office mezzanine. We have five huge south facing windows that brighten up the shop rain or shine. The shop is so amazing in so many ways, it takes me aback sometimes. I’m definitely fortunate to have manifest such an ideal space for making.

The Shop