I’m in love with the world. I’m a design geek. I love looking at things and thinking about how they work, how they go together. I love making things. Especially with my hands. I love buildings. And space. And meaning. And the relationships between them.

The rough sketch version of my pertinent biography:

  • I studied architecture at the University of Maryland, then again at UC Berkeley. I was very attracted to the creative process and what I understood to be architecture’s capacity for positive social change.
  • I graduated from school and worked for several different ‘high-end’ architecture firms, each one leaving me dissatisfied with the actual change or contribution I felt able to effect.
  • I walked away from these experiences in order to try and find a way to meet my needs for contribution, creativity and authenticity more directly.
  • I discovered the anarchist sub-culture in San Francisco and fell in love with the ideals of freedom, self-expression, mutual-aid and radical social transformation. But I also grew disillusioned with the high ‘burn-out’ rate in the community and what I saw as the lack of any real models for long-term happiness (where are all the anarchist families and grandparents?). I also felt drawn to more constructive and productive modes of self-expression and political activism.
  • I developed a philosophical and experiential connection to the notion of communal living. I helped to start a cooperative residence and community space focused on art and activism.
  • I had a transformative experience learning to engage in ‘forest defense’ in Northern California, attempting to slow the rate of illegal logging and clear-cutting of old-growth douglas fir and redwood forests. I learned about myself a deep desire to be connected more directly to natural, wild places of the earth.
  • I continued to explore different strategies and models of communal living and collective projects.
  • On an ongoing basis, I gather skills, absorb information and refine my ideas and preferences in a radically diverse set of topics including design, natural building, sustainability, permaculture, interpersonal communication, personal healing and transformation, and spirituality.
  • I found partnership with an incredible woman and decided to have and raise a child together, then implemented that idea with a great deal of wonder, awe and joy. We now live with and steward a magical creature of +/-2 years of age.
  • In order to gain more hands-on building experience, I went through the process of getting my contractor’s license and built an addition from the ground up. The process highlighted for me the difficulty in building ‘sustainably’ and conforming to the constraints of building codes.
  • I founded my design-build practice and have worked independently for the past 4 years doing architecture, construction, web-design and photography.
  • My professional goals revolve around not being a professional. I endeavor to integrate my life such that the difference between my ‘work life’ and my ‘private life’ is not so distinct. I’d like to spend my time doing what I love, what inspires me, what feels like a contribution to my community. I’d like to spend less time earning a living and more time living.
  • My personal vision is constantly shifting and evolving, and that encourages me. Currently, I see myself continuing to learn about and become more self-sufficient. I’d like to involve myself in projects that make a significant positive impact on the people and places around me. I’d like to develop strong relationships with people with similar goals and sensibilities to my own.

If you’ve got a project you’d like to talk about, or something you’d like to share with me, feel free to drop me a line.