Life is a never-static progression of discovery and unfolding. In order to live engaged with this all-encompassing flow, I view everything that I do as a dynamic, constantly changing process. While I often strive towards a definite and specific end goal in my work, I try to honor uncertainty, chance, and the magic that emerges and unfolds if I remain open to it.

The initial and perhaps most important phase of a project begins with observation. Listening. Looking. Watching. Sensing. Feeling. Allowing the elements that are present in a given project – people, materials, environment, context – to express their truth.

Another core aspect of the way I see the world around me, and the process of discovering a design direction for a project is pattern recognition. How are the existing elements interacting with each other? What are the flows of people, energy, color, texture, season? What synthesizes or harmonizes here? What is out of sync, presenting an opportunity for greater alignment through design intervention?

“God is in the Details”


I believe beauty is a universally shared value and indeed a shared need. And somehow, as I travel the world and observe the aesthetic expressions of culture, I see how beauty sometimes takes a backseat to efficiency, speed and economy. This is especially true here in the United States.

And so it feels important to me to express the importance of beauty in our lives. In ways large and small. A beautiful meal, beautiful public buildings and spaces. Beautiful friendships and relationships. Beautiful domestic objects in our homes. Natural beauty in the green spaces, both wild and tamed, that surround the structured aspect of our lives.

Therefore, beauty remains a core aspiration for me in my work. If I can play a part in creating something beautiful that touches people’s lives and nourishes that core need in all of us to have beauty reflected back to us, I feel deeply fulfilled. Creation as service.