Photos for Sale at K2

I’m very excited to announce that several prints from my Forest Abstracts series are now hung and for sale at K2, a modern home furnishings store in downtown Asheville! This is the first time I’ve made large prints of my work, and the first time I’ve made them available in a retail outlet.
I designed and built a frame using salvaged barnwood and a nice clean shadowline detail.
What do you think?


Wood-Fired Barrel Oven Workshop

Build an Earthen Oven

Natural Building is the art and craft of using locally available, ecologically-sensitive, minimal-impact materials to create durable, beautiful, and functional objects and environments. Building materials and techniques often include cob, earth, straw, wood, stone, as well as salvaged and repurposed materials.

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New Pocket Office in the Works

I’m feeling inspiration to develop a new pocket shelter model. This time, instead of a tiny house, I’m thinking about a small work studio.
It will be 12′ x 12′ x 12′ in order to be small enough to not require a building permit. This helps keep the costs down and also allows for a little creativity in the structural system, which in turns affects the architectural expression.
I’m working on the design right now and am pretty excited about how it’s shaping up. More to come…

Spring Forward

As the trees put out their new growth and the colors of the forest begin to emerge once again, I find myself exploring new pathways, new energies, new collaborations. The major projects of last year, the timber frame pavilion and the garage renovation, are finally complete and I’m exploring what’s next.