Sweetwater Farm Schematic Site Plan

My family is exploring the purchase of a 16 acres horse farm in Swannanoa, NC, adjacent to Warren Wilson College. As a part of the exploration, I developed a conceptual site plan based on converting the use of the land from pasture to orchards, gardens and food forest or edible forest gardens.

The organizing principle revolves around establishing a ‘home zone’ around the main house and adjacent outdoor spaces, circled by a row of planted trees. Three additional zones or rings radiate out from this central space to create a framework to develop gardens, orchards, food forests and reforestation areas over time. The site plan represents thinking on the time-scale of forest, allowing for an organic unfolding of development, responding to the needs of the land and the people inhabiting it.


my workshop and studio will be seeing some big changes in the next couple of months. the building that houses my shop in downtown asheville has come under the scrutiny of the city and is not up to fire code. the upgrades necessary to achieve compliance are expensive and not in my plans to undertake. relocation of the workshop is still up in the air. i’ll be creating my new office/design studio at home in west asheville, using a salvaged shipping container as the shell. stay posted for status reports and updates.

the pocket shelter prototype (ps1) is almost finished and will also move home to west asheville once completed. i’ll be posting updated photos and details soon.