New Shop Mates

The cooperative aspect of the woodshop has seen some pretty big changes over the past few months. Andy, who was a major force and presence in the space, decided to move out of town. His leaving has been a big transition.

Shorty after his departure, two friends independently showed up inquiring about possibilities of sharing the space. They are both fantastic souls who bring a fresh and different approach to the wood crafts.

Ira is a tree working/timber framer/builder/permaculturalist/woodworker. He and his partner recently moved to Asheville from New England. Asheville’s a better place for it as they are both very community-minded and give much of themselves in the spirit of creativity and consciousness raising.

Josh is the founder of Vintage Roots Guitars. He’s building a business making custom, one-of-a-kind guitars. He and his partner own a piece of land just out of town and have been building their homestead there.

I’m thankful for the introduction of such positive, creative energy in the shop. Big thanks to Josh and Ira for holding down the co-op spirit with me!

New Shop Scene

Eyes, a Raincoat, and a Hat

PS1 is progressing nicely. This has been a big week for continued evolution and transformation:

On Monday I  cut the openings for all window openings, which lightened up the space inside tremendously. It’s exciting to see how open and airy it feels. And the aspect of looking out from within emerged for the first time. Imagining the outside context, and how on a house on wheels, this is much more of a fluid and changing scene. An interesting notion that sparks novelty and excitement in this architect mind.

Once I cut the openings for the windows, it was a quick dash to install the windows and weatherproof the envelope asap. after some steady rain, a little water, some head scratching, troubleshooting, and finding a flaw in my weatherproofing, i’m fairly confident that the little house is completely “dried in” or rainproofed.

Yesterday and this morning brought the addition of a nice red-orange metal roof. Quite dashing I think.

A big thank you to Michael Mooney for the assist on installing the metal panels!

Process photo gallery here.

PS1 New Roof