2 hour bed

i needed a platform for my bed at home, but frankly, don’t have all that much free time right now to build one. so, i set out to build a bed in two hours over the weekend. ka-ching. success. i started building this platform and was sitting back admiring it’s simplicity and, more importantly, it’s ‘done-ness’ right around 2 hours later. [sound of myself patting me on the back…]2 Hour Bed


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  1. In that shop! What! did you do take a 45 minute lunch break or that include the glue setting time? Now of course that bed platform would sell for 400.00 here in Oakland so I guess you did alright

  2. I think this bed is awesome. My Dad and I are going to attempt to design one similar this weekend for my studio apartment. I’m very excited and so happy I stumbled on your site! This is the most classy design I’ve seen 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  3. I also really like the simplicity of design and the curves — beautiful. I’ve built a few beds that have worked fine, but have had a lot more moving parts and took a heck of lot longer than 2 hours to create. Is it glued together or can it be disassembled (I think I see hardware, but can’t tell if they’re screws or bolts)? I imagine it’s fairly lightweight if that’s pine. Very nice!

    1. sometimes necessity is the mother of speed! i used square drive wood screws, my personal favorite, and no glue. it’s actually fairly heavy, but not unmanageable. thanks for the positive feedback.

  4. I love the simplicity of this design. I wish I would have come across this post when I lived at college. Having an wood platform would have been more appealing than cement blocks under a metal frame.

    P.S. You have a great site and a wealth of info. Found your site through doing research on tiny homes.

    Best Wishes,


  5. i gotta ask, i love the style of this bed, and now im wanting to build one like this. what materials did you use (i.e. the kind of wood) and what sizes of the boards are they? i cant tell by the pictures. all i need is basic measurements for the lumber and i can do it from there, so is it like a 2 x 4? 2 x 6? let me know please this looks like a fun project to do.

    1. hey danielle-
      i’m happy to try to help answer some questions so that you might build your own bed:

      – i used pine 2×10’s i had left over from another building project. make sure to choose ones that are nice and straight and flat. i used 11 pieces that were 8′ long to begin. that and a few 3″ wood screws were all the materials it took!

      – as you can see from the pictures, there are three different sized boards (all made out of the 2×10’s, so 1.5″ thick by 9.25″ wide):
      + the 7 top boards that make up the platform are as long as the width of my mattress, minus one inch. i spaced them evenly, with about an inch of room between to allow air to circulate. the length of the platform ended up an inch shorter than my mattress. the reason for making this shorter in both width and length was to allow the mattress to overhang the platform ever so slightly, so that it visually floats, and so that the corners of the platform are padded.
      + the 2 “legs” are just as long as the length of the platform, minus 2″, so that they set back from the edges an inch on each side.
      + the length of the 2 cross braces between the legs are the the width of the platform, minus 3″ for the thickness of the legs, minus 12″ so that they set back about 6″ from each edge.

      – you can also see that i shaped both the legs and the cross braces to add a little design flare, reduce the total weight of the frame, and also create more of a 4-feet platform rather than 2-long rails, which doesn’t tend to rest on uneven floors quite as nicely. i used a bandsaw for this, but you could also us a jigsaw.

      – another detail i employed, that really made a big difference, is that i rounded the corners of all the boards after they were cut, before i assembled the frame. can you see the rounded edges? i used a 3/4″ router bit, in case you have access to a hand-router.

      so, you should be able to measure the mattress you’d like to make this for, and get started!

      good luck.


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