Thank you for stopping by. I appreciate you coming. For taking your time to explore and consider the information and artifacts I have collected herein.

This is multi-purpose space. A mix of portfolio / virtual gallery / online sketchbook / research journal / artist’s statement / resume / weblog / experiment.

My highest aim is that my works and efforts be of benefit. That they may be in service to the emergence of higher orders of beauty, goodness, and truth.

From Big Ideas to Fine Details

I traverse the entire spectrum of what there is to explore. From cosmology, to the subtle mysteries of the quantum realm. From grand vision to the practical materials and methods of manifesting a project or creation.
This fluid and organic approach – to design, to research, to discovery – is my hallmark. My unique gift. If you have a project that requires broad and creative thinking and impeccable attention to detail feel free to GET IN TOUCH.

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Pocket Shelter Plan Set
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